Type of Hall Suite-Style
Bathroom En-Suite
Meal Plan Required
  Free Laundry Available
  Break Availability Open


Small Fridge in Bedroom

Mid-Size Fridge in Suite

  Smoke & Tobacco Policy Smoke & Tobacco Free
  Air Conditioning Provided
  Cable TV Provided
Wi-Fi Provided plus Ethernet Connection
Community TV Lounge Available
Community Kitchen Available
24-Hour Computer Lab Available with Printing to Front Desk
Special Features

Honors Community

Music Practice Room

Adjacent to Garst Dining Center

Area Rug in Suite

Bunkable XL Twin Bed 

Serious studying is a big part of the Scholars House residence hall. This environment provides a special living option to 115 students who are members of the University's Honors College.

This suite-style residence hall provides single-gender living areas on two floors for all students who meet the special residency requirements and an additional coed floor for upper classman students. Each suite contains a living room with an area rug, private bathroom and two carpeted, double-occupancy bedrooms.

This hall maintains a visitation policy on the single-gender floors with fewer restrictions on the weekends and a more liberal visitation policy on the one upper classman student floor. Scholars House is open during all vacation periods and requires all residents to have a meal plan and BoomerMeals.

Special features

Scholars House offers ample study rooms, music practice rooms, a large central laundry facility, a TV and recreation area, vending machines and a computer lab offering the latest in hardware and software technology, including Internet access, word processing and spreadsheet packages and laser printing.

All of Scholars House has wireless access. Scholars House residents may also connect to the University's network through the data ports provided in each room.