University Housing Rates

Residence hall rates for housing and meals range from $4,287–$5,573 per semester, based on the 2019–2020 academic year.

There are several factors in determining the cost of housing and meals:

  • Choice of building and room style
  • If the building is open over Winter and Spring Break
  • Choice of meal plan (meals per week)
  • Choice of BoomerMeals package (declining dollar balance)

The housing contract is for both fall and spring semesters. Rates include a residence hall association activity fee of $12 per semester, or $24 per academic year.

Purchasing both a meal plan and BoomerMeals package is required when living in community style or suite style housing.

*Indicates building is closed for Winter and Spring Break

Room-style housing 
Housing option Semester rate Yearly rate
Freudenberger* 2 or 3-Person, Wells* 2-Person, Woods* 2-Person $2,997 $5,994
The New Residence Hall - Determined Spring 2020 ---- ---
Wells* 4-Person suite $3,224 $6,448
Woods* 1-Person $3,533 $7,066
Suite-style housing
Housing option Semester rate Yearly rate
Blair-Shannon* 6-Person  $3,224 $6,448
Hammons or Hutchens 2-Person $4,051 $8,102
Hammons or Hutchens 4-Person $3,533 $7,066
Kentwood 1-Person $3,757 $7,514
Kentwood 2 and 3-Person $3,224 $6,448
Kentwood 2-Person Super Double $3,644 $7,288
Scholars $3,533 $7,066

Private bed buy-out housing

Private rooms (when available) come at 1.5 times the standard cost. Private rooms are regular, 2-person rooms complete with two sets of furniture. The second set cannot be removed from the space. If you have questions about our private room options, please contact our office at 417-836-5536. 

Housing option Semester rate Yearly rate
Blair-Shannon* 6-Person or Wells* 4-Person $4,830 $9,660
Freudenberger*, Wells*, Woods* 2-Person $4,489 $8,979
Hammons or Hutchens 2-Person $6,071 $12,142
Hammons, Hutchens, Scholars 4-Person $5,294 $10,588


Apartment rates

Apartments are for upperclassmen and transfer students. Although it is common for students to have a meal plan, they are not required to have one when living in apartments. Contracts are for the fall and spring semesters. Current apartment students may sign separate contracts for summer.

Monroe Apartments
Room types Fall rate Spring rate
1-Person Apartment $3,444 $3,444
2-Person Apartment $3,342 $3,342
4-Person Apartment $3,133 $3,133
Sunvilla Tower
Room types Fall rate Spring rate
2-Person Apartment $2,945 $2,945
3-Person Apartment  $2,817 $2,817
3-Person Apartment - Private Room/Shared Bath $3,072 $3,072
4-Person $2,690 $2,690

Meal plan options

Meal plans are used at any of our three dining centers: Blair-Shannon, Garst, and Kentwood. Each time a student visits a dining center a meal is deducted from their weekly balance using their BearPass ID. The weekly balance resets Monday morning before breakfast. Meal plans can be raised or lowered during the first three weeks of each semester. After the third week, meal plans can only be increased until the start of the next semester.

Meal plan Semester Yearly
Unlimited meal/week $1,242 $2,484
19-Meals/week $1,161 $2,322
14-Meals/week $1,140 $2,280
10-Meals/week $1,125 $2,250

BoomerMeals options

BoomerMeals are a dollar for dollar declining balance plan, similar to a debit account and are loaded onto the student's BearPass ID. Each time a purchase is made, those dollars are subtracted from the balance. BoomerMeals are accepted at any dining location on campus and carry over from summer to fall and from fall to spring. Students also earn bonus dollars depending on the tier of BoomerMeals that are selected.

Price Bonus Total Value
$280 $27 $307
$215 $21 $236
$165 $16 $181