Cancel Your Contract Before the Semester Begins

If you are currently living in a residence hall or apartment AND want to break your current housing contract, you must follow the procedure to request contract breakage, not the process below. 

Cancellations will be processed only if all of the following requirements are met:

  1. Request is received before the semester begins.
  2. Request is received before moving into the residence hall.
  3. Student is not required to live on campus for the contact period in question per the University Housing policy that states, "All single students under 21 years of age who have earned fewer than 27 hoursof transferable credit after high school graduation are required to live in University housing" or you have received an exception to the University Housing policy for the contract period in question.


  1. A student requests and is granted an exception to the University Housing Policy. Any deposit is subject to forfeit in accorddance with the Housing Contract Terms and Conditions. 

Deadlines for housing deposit refunds:

New Students - Cancel by June 1 (previously May 1 for Fall 2024) for a refund of your deposit.

Returning Students - Cancel by April 1 for a refund of your deposit.

Summer School Students - Cancel by May 1 for a refund of your deposit. 

New Spring Only Students - Cancel by December 1 for a refund of your deposit.