Summer Rates

Rates shown have been updated for the summer of 2023.

Summer School in Hammons House

Shared Bedroom

Shared bedrooms during summer school in Hammons House are shared between two residents. The total cost at a daily shared rate is $22.50/night.

Private Bedroom 

Private bedrooms refer to the bedroom area only and does not imply a completely private suite/apartment. Private bedrooms will be offered as space permits. If a private room is preferenced and not available, a shared bedroom will be provided automatically. The total cost at a daily private rate is $33.00/night.

Summer Session Dates Shared Private
May 20 - June 11 (22 nights)*


Session 1: June 11 - August 5 (55 nights)


Session 2: June 11 - July 15 (34 nights) $765.00 $1,122.00
Session 3: June 11 - July 8 (27 nights) $607.50 $891.00
Session 4: July 9 - August 5 (27 nights) $607.50 $891.00
August 5 - August 16 (11 nights)** $247.50


*Must live on campus at Missouri State during the Spring 2023 semester or be enrolled in Summer intersession courses to stay during these dates.

**Must have a 2023-2024 Missouri State housing contract and room assignment to stay during these dates, and will move to your Fall 2023 room at a designated time during this period. 

Choose 1 Meal Plan and 1 Dining Dollars Option

Option Price
Meal Plan Options*

19 Meal Plan: $751

12 Meal Plan: $693

Dining Dollars Options**

$296 cost ($325 value)

$228 cost ($250 value)

$182 cost ($200 value)

*Meal Plan - meals are served in the Dining Center and reset weekly (every Monday).

**Dining Dollars - may be used at the vendors in the Plaster Student Union, at Outtakes in Strong and Glass Hall, and at the Starbucks in both Plaster Student Union and Meyer Library.

Summer Apartment Rates

Only current Spring 2023 apartment residents are eligible for summer apartment housing.

The cost listed is the full cost for May 20 - August 18 (start of 2023-2024 contract). Only students with 2023-2024 housing contracts are allowed to stay from August 5 to August 18.

Summer apartment residents are not required to purchase a meal plan.

Monroe Apartment  Summer Cost
1-Person Apartment $2,685.76
2-Person Apartment $2,606.56
4-Person Apartment $2,442.88
Sunvilla Tower  Summer Cost
2-Person Apartment $2,296.80
3-Person Apartment $2,197.36
3-Person Apartment - Private Room/Shared Bath $2,396.24
4-Person Apartment  $2,097.92