Summer Rates

Residence Hall and Apartment rates are for the summer of 2019.

Summer School

Shared Bedroom

Shared bedrooms are shared between two residents. The total cost at a daily shared rate is $19.92/night

Private Bedroom 

Private bedrooms refer to the bedroom area only and does not imply a private suite/apartment. Private bedrooms will be offered as space permits. If selected and not available, a shared bedroom will be provided automatically. The total cost at a daily rate is $29.07/night.

Summer Session Dates Shared Private
May 18 - June 9 (22 days)*


Session 1: June 9 - August 3 (55 days)


Session 2: June 9 - July 12 (33 days) $657.36 $959.31
Session 3: June 9 - July 5 (26 days) $517.92 $755.82
Session 4: July 7 - August 3 (27 days) $537.84 $784.89
August 3 - August 16 (13 days)** $258.96 $377.91

*Must be a Spring 2019 Missouri State Housing resident or enrolled in Summer intersession courses.

**Must have a 2019-2020 contract. Will need to move to your Fall Assignment at designated time near the end of this term. 

Choose one meal plan option and one BoomerMeals Option

Option Price
Meal Plan Options*

19 Meal Plan: $648

12 Meal Plan: $597

BoomerMeals Options**

$260 cost ($280 value)

$205 cost ($220 value)

$155 cost ($170 value)

*Meal Plan meals are served in the Dining Center

**BoomerMeals may be used at any of the vendors in the Plaster Student Union, at Outtakes locations in Strong and Glass Hall, at Starbucks locations in Plaster Student Union and Meyer Library.

Summer Apartment Rates

Only current apartment residents are eligible to apply for summer housing in the apartments.

Monroe Apartment  Summer Cost
1-Person Apartment $2,459.70
2-Person Apartment $2,386.80
4-Person Apartment $2,238.30
Sunvilla Tower  Summer Cost
2-Person Apartment $2,103.30
3-Person Apartment $2,012.40
3-Person Apartment - Private Room/Shared Bath $2,194.20
4-Person Apartment  $1,921.50