In Our Own Words...

Why did you choose to become an RA?

Angel Ford

Angel Ford, Kentwood Hall

I chose to become an RA because I wanted to make a difference at MSU. I also wanted to challenge myself by putting myself in a leadership position. I believe an RA can make a major impact on students’ lives just by being a positive resource for them whether if they’re an incoming freshman or a transfer student. Overall, I wanted to help students feel part of the MSU family.



John ReischJohn Reisch, Wells House

I chose to become an RA because I really love helping people reach their goals. Being an RA is a great opportunity to meet new people, develop necessary leadership skills, and help people discover who they truly are. I'm also supported by a wonderful staff who always have my back as well as a great floor who are always fun to hang out with.



What do you most enjoy about being an RA?

Sam WilsonSam Wilson, Hammons House

The best part about being an RA is easily the people that I've met. Between staff members and residents, I've met some of my favorite people and developed incredible relationships I never thought would be part of the job. My staff supports me in struggles and can still make me laugh too. Experiencing things for the first time with residents is a whole different joy that I'm glad I didn't miss out on.


Kelly AdamsKelly Adams, Woods House

My favorite part about being an RA is being able to make personal connections with residents in my building. I’ve become close to residents which makes my residence hall feel like home. When I come back into the building, I’m often greeted with “hello” from residents. Even though I’m several hours away from my real home, the way residents and I care about each other's well-being helps me feel like my home is here. I couldn’t imagine having these strong relationships if I hadn’t had the opportunity to be an RA and connect myself to so many people.

Dottie VanceDottie Vance, Freddy House

I enjoy that I am able to build connections with people who are different from me. I feel like college is a time to branch out and surround yourself with new cultures, ways of thinking, and people. Being an RA has allowed me to learn new ways of bettering myself and keeping me up to date with the world around me. I enjoy hosting experiences that inform residents about hot topic issues and having open dialogue in a judgement-free zone. There is nothing better than seeing a resident grow from their first semester of college to when I am checking them out at the end of the year.

What have you gained through your experience as an RA?

Kaitlyn KleinschmidtKaitlyn Kleinschmidt, Hutchens House

Through this position, I have learned to be open and accepting of others, regardless of who they are and what they’ve been through.  Connecting with each resident on a personal level has made me realize that everyone has a different story, and everyone is truly unique and beautiful in their own way.


Megan CravenMegan Craven, Blair-Shannon House

Being an RA has shown me the potential that I never knew I possessed. Before becoming an RA, I was a very shy and timid person and I didn’t feel comfortable handling conflicts. After becoming an RA, I have truly come out of my shell and am able to handle conflicts confidently. One of the most important things I’ve learned is knowing when to lead, and when to give others a chance to lead. But most importantly, having a Hall Staff team that inspires me to try my best in everything I do has helped me gain leadership qualities that I never knew I had.


Kaylee KapplerKaylee Kappler, Scholars House

I've grown so much as a person and as a leader through the RA position. I’ve become more confident, not only in my place on campus, but also more confident in my abilities to make decisions in my personal and professional life. I've also gained a lot of skills for my future career. I'm so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to build these kinds of skills and relationships as an RA.