In Our Own Words...

Why did you choose to become an RA?

Victor Pagan-Cruz, Hammons House

I chose to be an RA because I've always enjoyed working with others and getting to know new people. As a former desk worker, I always interacted with RAs.  Those were the people I looked up to, the leaders, the helpers, the overall kindest people I ever met, and one day I wanted to be just like them, so for that reason I decided to apply!



Jordan Hadden, Hutchens House

I chose to become an RA because of the impact my RA had on me my freshman year. I wasn't involved, wasn't making friends, or even having fun at school. It was when my RA invited me to watch playoff baseball in his room with some other residents on the floor that really started my college career. I knew instantly that I wanted to return the favor to new students that were in the same situation that I was. 



What do you most enjoy about being an RA?

Erin Unverferth, Scholars House

While there are many things to love about being an RA, the things I cherish most are the relationships I make with my residents. My goal as an RA is to make a difference in the college experience my residents have. When I see residents wave and smile at me on campus, or my former residents take the time to stop by my room just to say “hi” when they no longer live on campus, it shows me I have made an impact. Late nights spent sitting on the floor in the hallway laughing or responding when residents call me “mom” are memories I will never forget.   

Tyree Williams, Wells House

What I enjoy most about being an RA is the different connections I am able to make on the floor. I love being the person that finds similarities within people, and encouraging friendships and connections between residents based on those positive similarities. I also enjoy creating fun and intentional experiences for my floor to teach my residents unique skills, give them helpful tips, and even educate my residents about diversity and inclusion. 


Katrina Shepherd, Freddy House

The best part about being an RA is my residents. I absolutely love them and am blessed to have such an amazing floor. They enjoy spending time with me and make being an RA a lot easier because of the wonderful friendships and deep respect we have for each other. 



What have you gained through your experience as an RA?

Christian Frank, Kentwood Hall

I’ve gained a sense of leadership I never saw in myself. When I think of myself, I always see myself as a follower; however, this role forces me to take charge and make a difference. It shows you that no matter what personality you have, when thrown into a situation, instincts kick in, and you will be the leader you are needed to be. I’ve also gained an understanding of the importance of time management. It's been a wonderful experience so far, and I can't wait to see what’s to come for my staff, my residents, and myself for the rest of this year! 


Sarah Gray, Woods House

I’ve gained so many opportunities and skillsets by becoming an RA that it’s hard to list them all.  I’ve gained the support of an incredible RA and Hall Staff team.  I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for teamwork and a more effective method for reflective listening.  I’ve learned how to be a more intentional leader and friend.  I’ve received numerous opportunities for networking, as well.  There’s almost no area of my life that has not been challenged and strengthened by this position. 


Austin McCormick, Blair-Shannon House

I have gained a lot through the experiences of being a Resident Assistant. I have gained skills for communication, team building, and interpersonal skills. I have gained friendships that will surely be lifelong. I have gained a new level of work ethic that I personally did not think I was capable of.  I now understand the hard work that Residence Life staff members do to make the residence halls as amazing as possible!