Off Campus Housing Information

Facts of Living On Campus:

  • $100 REFUNDABLE housing deposit (not an administrative fee)
  • No application fee when applying
  • No credit check
  • FREE amenities 
    • Furnished
    • TV programming
      • 20 hours recording time
      • 70/80 HD Channels
      • HBO Go 
      • Cinemax Go
    • 1 GB connection and WiFi available 
    • Computer lab in each building 
    • 350 pages of printing to the front desk 
    • Free laundry - no need to buy or rent a washer/dryer
  • Available landlord ( buildings staffed 24/7)
  • Sunvilla and Monroe are the ONLY on-campus apartments

Thinking of Living Off Campus?

What Should You Be Asking?
  • Am I able to live off campus, or am I required to live on campus?
  • Are my potential apartment mates eligible to move off campus?
  • If a roommate doesn't pay, what happens?
  • Is emergency maintenance available at no cost?
  • Is it sprinkled for fire prevention?
  • Is insurance required?
  • Are rental references required?
  • Will a credit check be done?
  • Will there be additional fees if I don't have a certain credit score?
  • Will i need a co-signer?

Need help with an off campus lease? Bearisters offers students free legal advice.