The EPA defines sustainability as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." In other words, make it last! The Missouri State residence life, housing and dining services program contributes to the University’s (and the world’s) sustainability efforts in many ways.

Ways that we are working to be more sustainable in the residence hall communities:

  • Replacing inefficient light bulbs within the residence halls with more efficient and energy-saving fluorescent bulbs
  • Using environmentally friendly and green seal certified products to prevent introducing volatile organic compounds into our environment
  • Using energy-saving appliances when refurbishing and beginning new projects within the residence halls
  • Installing low flow showerheads and aerators
  • Composting dining center waste
  • Participating in the Residence Hall Association’s green bike program
  • Installing occupancy sensors in common area spaces to reduce energy usage for lighting

There are continual opportunities to practice energy and water conservation and waste reduction in the residence halls. Our hope is that residents of Missouri State University residence halls take this knowledge and continue to use it in their daily lives.


Foundational to our sustainability efforts is our commitment to promoting and supporting recycling within our residence halls. Each residence hall is equipped to handle the recycling of aluminum, glass, plastic, tin, mixed paper and cardboard. There are labeled bins for recycling located conveniently on each floor in all residence halls.

Each residence hall bedroom contains a green recycling container to assist residents in sorting recyclables and waste before transferring these recyclable items to the community recycling containers. All types of batteries, plastic shopping bags and printer cartridges can be recycled at each residence hall’s front desk.

Water Conservation

Over the summer, we installed new water conservation kits in Sunvilla and Scholars, which were provided by the Watershed Center. The rooms are now equipped with:

  • low-flow massaging shower heads, which provide a more even flow and have an on/off button, which reduces water flow while soaping up
  • Water aerating sink faucet, which reduces the amount of water used while giving it a fuller feel.
  • Shower timer set to 5 minutes, encouraging residents to try to beat the clock

All of these items are designed to make conserving water easy, and to help make a more environmentally responsible campus community

Sustainability news

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