Missing Person Policy

Missing Person Procedure

In accordance with the Higher Education Act of 2008, all students who reside in on-campus housing may identify an individual who will be contacted by University or law enforcement personnel within 24 hours after it has been determined that the student is missing. Only authorized campus officials and law enforcement officers in furtherance of a missing person investigation may have access to this information.

The individual identified by a student can be a parent or guardian but that is not required. The person identified, called a confidential contact, will be the primary contact with Missouri State University or law enforcement officials. If the student is under 18 years of age and is not an emancipated individual (by court order, no longer under the control or responsibility of parents), Missouri State University or law enforcement officials are required to notify a custodial parent or guardian within 24 hours after the student is determined missing.

If you are interested in selecting a confidential contact, please go to the following:

My.MissouriState.edu, Discover the Housing card, Housing Application link,
Update Missing Person / Confidential Contact Information (at the bottom of the page)

You can change this information at any time. Even if you choose not to identify a confidential contact person, local law enforcement will be notified that you are missing if the situation arises.