Bear Crew

Calling All Bears: We want you to join the Bear Crew!

Welcome students and help them move into their residence rooms this fall.  Move-In Days will be August 16-18, 2018.


Join our team by Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

The Benefits of participating in Bear Crew


All volunteers receive a t-shirt for working two shifts.

Volunteers receive a meal voucher for use in one of the dining centers after they complete their shift(s).

Volunteers will be allowed to distribute organization information on standard-size business cards while they are helping students move in.

Volunteer hours will be tracked and submitted to OSE and Fraternity and Sorority Life for verification.

Students who live in the residence halls will be able to move in a day early.

How Students Sign Up

All Bear Crew student volunteers will need to:

  • Sign up for at least two shifts by Wednesday, June 20
  • Attend Bear Crew Orientation

How Staff and Faculty Sign Up

The process for Staff and Faculty to sign up to help as Bear Crew Volunteers is different than the student process. We encourage you to sign up for a two-hour shift. During that time, you can help greet and hold open doors, or help move boxes if you wish. Family members love seeing our staff and faculty engaged with our move in process.

How Leaders of the Bear Crew Sign up

If you are interested in helping us lead volunteers by working half day shifts, you can be a Bear Crew Leader. There is additional training which is provided for our leaders. We have the additional incentive of a gift card for assisting as a leader.  We ask that only students who have assisted with Bear Crew in the past and who are familiar with our residence halls take us up on this opportunity.