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Living-Learning Communities and
Special Interest Living

Communities Blend Living and Learning

Missouri State University offers seven unique living environments that build community among students with similar interests. Whether you are a new student or have a passion for a given field, these Living-Learning communities (LLC) will provide opportunities to enhance your college experience.

Bears Business Community


LLC_Bears Business Community

This LLC is supported by the College of Business and is ideal for students interested in business and leadership opportunities. Students have the opportunity to participate in social and educational programs related to academics, wellness, and personal growth. They will also have personal interactions with professors in the College of Business, tours of local and internationally known businesses, and internship opportunities. Students will receive the social and professional training to help them develop a commitment to a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle.

Deciding Students

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In Fall 2011, Missouri State University offered a Living-Learning Community to students who were coming to college undecided about a major or career path.  This LLC is called the Deciding Student LLC.  Students in this LLC will experience similar activities and events as the First-Year Experience LLC student but with a more directed focus to guide students in selecting a major and career.  Students will enroll in a first-year foundations course (GEP 101) tailored just for them, and taught by Academic Advisors and a Career Specialist.

Students will participate in activities that help them learn more about themselves and their interests, the options for majors, how to get involved on campus, how to meet new people, and more.

First-Year Experience

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The First-Year Experience is designed to enhance students' first year and help ease their transition into college life. Residents on these floors will receive numerous opportunities to interact with other students and to get involved on campus.

These students will also receive guidance about study skills, time management, personal wellness, planning, and other tips to help them be successful their first year away from home. In addition, LLC residents will have the chance to interact with faculty in a relaxed setting outside the classroom through social events and dinners held throughout the semester.

Fit and Well


The Fit and Well Living Learning Community (LLC) is the ideal living community for students interested in health, wellness, sport, and fitness opportunities on campus, as well as exploring ways to adopt lifelong healthy behaviors. Students will have interactions with faculty and staff members outside the classroom through programming, informal advising, and mentoring.

Students who participate in the Fit and Well LLC will take GEP 101 specifically designed for Fit and Well LLC students. Students participating in the LLC are also encouraged to take KIN 100 during their first semester to reap the benefits of a well-rounded first semester experience. Fit and Well students will have the opportunity to attend special events in the newly built Recreation Center and will participate in tailored programming focusing on fitness, wellness, and overall health.  Come find your passion in the Fit and Well LLC.

Future Health Care Professionals

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The Future Health Care Professionals Living-Learning Community sponsored by the College of Health and Human Services is an ideal living community for students interested (and/or a CHHS major) in a health care or human services profession. Students will have the opportunity to live with and learn from other students who have shared interests and goals.

Programming in this LLC includes informal advising, presentations, and mentoring with faculty from the College of Health and Human Services. Students will also have networking opportunities with alumni and potential future employers. Please check the College of Health and Human Services website for requirements and more information.

Physical Science, Math, and Engineering


If you are a budding scientist, mathematician or engineer, then join with like-minded students and share in creating a community of scholars.  In the Physical Sciences, Math, and Engineering Living-Learning Community, sponsored by the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS), students will have the opportunity to live and learn with others who share their interests.  Faculty members from the college will be directly involved with the community, creating opportunities to learn outside the classroom.  Classroom interaction among the cohort will be bolstered by attending common sections of GEP 101 (First-Year Foundations). 

Students will have the opportunity to participate in learning-related activities, such as class-linked study sessions, informal advising sessions, research presentations by faculty members, and trips to places of interest, such as Fermilab.  In addition, students will meet alumni from the science fields, and local leaders in science-related businesses.  Come find your passion in the Physical Science, Math, and Engineering LLC.

Sophomore-Year Experience

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The Sophomore-Year Experience Living-Learning Community is a continuation of the First-Year Experience.  Students will focus on career and graduate school exploration and preparation, getting students more connected to campus, leadership opportunities, personal wellness, financial responsibility, public affairs activities, and much more. Students will continue to enhance study and time management skills, and network with faculty.