Fruedenberger House, or “Freddy” as it’s known on campus, is a five-story U-shaped residence hall designed with two-, three-, and four-person rooms. Freddy houses the largest population on campus, accommodating 720 residents in room-style communities.

Each room is equipped with tile flooring and movable furniture. A large community bathroom is located on each hallway with individual stalls for showers. Bathrooms are cleaned and stocked by custodial staff. You will enjoy Freddy’s central location with just a short walk to the Plaster Student Union, the Blair-Shannon Dining Center, and the Foster Recreation Center.

Freudenberger 2, 3, & 4-Person Rooms*SemesterYearly
10-Meals/week $3,931 $7,862
14-Meals/week $3,945 $7,890
19-Meals/week $3,963 $7,926
Unlimited meals/week $4,042 $8,084

*Residents are required to have a BoomerMeal package.