Scholars House is a three-story residence hall that accommodates 115 honors students in suite-style rooms. Each suite holds two double-occupancy bedrooms with movable furniture and a large living area with lounge furniture and area rug. The en-suite bathroom offers a shower stall and separate vanity area with additional storage.

You’ll enjoy this tight-knit honors community that balances academics with camaraderie and fun. Each floor offers a great area for studying. The large student lounge houses game tables and a TV area where you and your friends can watch movies or a big game.

Scholars 4-Person Suite*SemesterYearly
10-Meals/week $4,327 $8,655
14-Meals/week $4,340 $8,680
19-Meals/week $4,357 $8,713
Unlimited meals/week $4,429 $8,859

*Residents are required to have a BoomerMeal package.