Chances are, when someone on campus refers to Freddy, they are talking about Freudenberger House. This five-story, U-shaped residence hall is designed with two- and three-person rooms to accommodate 720 men and women on single-gender floors.

Each room is equipped with movable furniture and tile floors. A large community bathroom is located on each floor with ample individual stalls and showers. Freudenberger House enforces a visitation policy with fewer restrictions on the weekends, is closed during all breaks, and requires all residents to have a meal plan and BoomerMeals

Freudenberger 2-Person Room*SemesterYearly
10-Meals/week $3,699 $7,398
14-Meals/week $3,712 $7,423
19-Meals/week $3,728 $7,456
Unlimited meals/week $3,801 $7,602

*Residents are required to have a BoomerMeal package.