As one of the larger residence halls on campus, Blair-Shannon House has it all — a cool place to eat and suites to call home, plus it’s centrally located! Blair-Shannon houses over 700 men and women in a suite-style floors.

Each suite contains a living room with area rug, private bathroom and three tiled, double-occupancy bedrooms. The bathroom features a large counter with two sinks and a shower. Laundry facilities are located on each floor. A bonus feature of Blair-Shannon is its Dining Center, located on the ground floor.

Blair-Shannon 6-Person Suite*SemesterYearly
10-Meals/week $3,904 $7,808
14-Meals/week $3,917 $7,833
19-Meals/week $3,933 $7,866
Unlimited meals/week $4,006 $8,012

*Residents are required to have a BoomerMeal package.