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This LLC, located in Wells House for the 2018-2019 academic year, is offered to first-year students with a declared major in the College of Natural and Applied Sciences.  The STEM LLC is located in Freudenberger House for the 2017-2018 academic year.​

This community of scholars is perfect for the budding scientist, mathematician, engineer, or pre-health professional.  Students will participate in hands-on learning activities that allow them to utilize the skills learned in the classroom in fun and creative ways. Sponsored by the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, this community is provided with exclusive opportunities to engage with the Dean and professors outside of the classroom through one of our many signature events. Finding internship and career opportunities will be fun as you explore your options with your peers in the STEM community. This community also helps students establish study groups for STEM courses and make friends along the way!

Experiences include activities like:

  • Career Fair Reversal
  • CNAS Public Lecture – “Amazon River Basin”, “The Golden Age of Exoplanet Discovery”, “Break It ‘Till You Make It: Engineering Design Team Competitions”
  • CNAS Undergraduate Research Day
  • Dinner with the Dean
  • Dinner with the Dean
  • Get to Know Your Professors
  • How To Talk to Your Professors (panel and incentive event) with Dr. Pierson
  • Missouri Region 7 Science Olympiad
  • Ozarks Science and Engineering Fair
  • Slingshot Competition w/ Math Department

Partnerships and Support:

  • Faculty Partners for 15-16: Dr. Tammy Jahnke,  Dr. Matt Pierson, Dr. Jorge Rebaza-Vasquez
  • Faculty Fellows for 14-15: Dr. Matt Pierson, Becky Baker, Pamela Henson, Carolyn Shand-Hawkins
  • Faculty Fellows for 13-14: Becky Baker, Dr. Matt Pierson, Dr. Erich Steinle, Dr. Bryan Breyfogle, Pam Henson, and Jennifer Pursley
  • Faculty Fellows for 12-13: Dr. Dave Cornelison, Becky Baker, and Dr. Matt Pierson

For more information about the STEM LLC, please contact the Student Success Initiatives Office at 417-836-3234. To indicate interest in this LLC, please indicate it as one of your top five LLC preference on your 2016-2017 housing application. We look forward to you joining our community.

Welcome from Dean Tammy JahnkeDean Jahnke

I am so happy that you are interested enough in the STEM Living-Learning Committee that you are here for more information.  This community will connect you with faculty in the College of Natural and Applied Sciences. 

A career in STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) is a great choice.  It will challenge you every day and salaries for many of the careers is outstanding!  The best current source of information is the Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Today civil engineers and computer scientists top the list of careers with projected new jobs of more than 50,000!!!    Other growing career choices – space scientists, geographers, materials scientists, chemists, microbiologists, electrical engineers, logistician, geoscientists, actuaries!! 

There are a number of student organizations within the college.  Although their websites contain some basic information you can always see postings for meetings on bulletin boards near all departmental offices.  Your faculty advisor can also find out when the next meeting will be held!  Student organizations are a great way to meet others with similar career goals but it is also a way to begin to identify ways to use your skills outside the classroom – tutoring at an after school program or presenting a program at the public library or an elementary school.  It is also a great opportunity to tour local facilities that hire STEM graduates or even hire STEM interns!

CNAS offers many research opportunities for students on campus.  You may work on a research project in one of your classes!  Or you may sign up for undergraduate research in one of the departments!  Undergraduate research involves working side-by-side with a member of the faculty and maybe a graduate student to design an experiment to test a hypothesis.  Then you will analyze the results and come to a conclusion.  Research gives you the opportunity to solve real problems!   Getting involved in a research group is one important way to set yourself apart from every other graduate!  It will help to develop your problem solving skills in a way that is attractive to graduate schools, professional skills and future employers!

CNAS also offers internship opportunities for students off-campus.  These opportunities allow for students to work for a company for a period of time and earn academic credit for that experience.  Your department head and academic advisor can help to get you started in learning about opportunities.  The Career Center is a great resource for career information.  They offer help with writing resumes and finding internships.  As a member of the STEM LLC you will meet staff from the Career Center and learn how to access their resources.

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