About LLCs

What is a LLC?

Living-Learning Communities exist to support students in academic and personal growth. At Missouri State University there are 14 LLCs where students in the specified community live together on a residence hall floor. There are events and activities planned for the members of the floor catering to the theme of the community. Many of these activities and events provide unique opportunities to get connected with faculty/staff members and the surrounding Springfield community.

Why Should I live a LLC?

The transition to college can be difficult. Living in a LLC will enhance your college experience by connecting you to others that share your passions and interests. There are a number of educational and social opportunities offered by the community.

As a result of participation in the LLCs, you will experience….

  • Academic Success- students will develop skills to be successful in the classroom and all academic endeavors
  • Connection-students will build relationships with a variety of curricular and co-curricular opportunities to enhance their student experience
  • Individualism- students will demonstrate understanding of people and situations different than them
  • Service- students will establish a connection with a community organization or department connected to the student’s desired field of study.
  • Leadership- Students will cultivate leadership skills to keep them involved as active community members

Living-Learning Communities at Missouri State have proven to…

  • Provide students opportunities to meet other students
  • Improve academic success (higher GPAs for first-year students)
  • Build strong relationships (with faculty and with their peers)
  • Increase students understanding of diversity
  • Build a strong sense of community on campus

The following metrics are based on results from the fall 2015 EBI survey:

  • 72% of LLC residents stated they have benefitted from interactions with residents who are different from them vs 64% of non-LLC residents
  • 74% said living in a LLC improved their interpersonal relationships vs 65% of non-LLC residents

  • 69% said living in a LLC improved learning vs 68% of non-LLC residents
  • 76% said living on a LLC provided opportunity to meet other students vs. 67% of non-LLC
  • 75% said living on a LLC gave them a sense of belonging to the institution vs 72% of non-LLC