Reasons to Stay on Campus

During 2012, we asked current residents to complete a Qualify of Residence Life Survey. Here's how they responded:


99% of residents surveyed said living on campus was convenient:

  • $100 deposit transfers to the next year
  • All expenses are billed to student accounts
  • Free cable and Internet with on-site support
  • Free laundry
  • Wide variety of excellent dining options
  • Off-campus residents are stuck with the full rent If a roommate moves out, but on-campus residents pay only their share, and we will place your new roommate


98% of residents report feeling safe and secure in our residence halls because of:

  • 24-hour staff at the reception desk
  • Electronic card access that keeps intruders out
  • Guests are registered at the front desk and accompanied by their student host
  • On-campus police substation is ready for any emergency
  • Safety and Transportation officers patrol the campus


90% of residents said that meeting people and building lasting relationships is the most positive aspect of living on campus:

  • There are ongoing Hall Council, RHA, SAC and athletic events
  • Floor staff helps with meeting people
  • Programming and resources provide a variety of social opportunities


81% of residents said that living on campus has contributed to their academic success — which is, after all, why you're here!

  • For 15 years running, on-campus students out-perform their off-campus counterparts academically
  • On-campus students graduate sooner and with a higher GPA
  • Living-Learning Communities focus on academic success
  • Study sessions in the residence halls enhance learning and make group projects more effective


Do your parents worry about how well you are eating?

  • Our meals-per-week plans assure that you receive a nutritious, balanced diet
  • BoomerMeals may be added at any time, offering variety
  • After Hours Dining provides energy for late-night studying
  • No clean-up required!


What would they miss if they lived off campus instead?

  • Being able to walk to class
  • Sociability — being with friends
  • Dining services
  • Somewhere to go during the down time between classes
  • The "Campus Experience"