In addition to the numerous non-monetary benefits of the RA position, RAs receive the following compensation.

Compensation Type Compensation Details In Numbers
Housing Resident Assistants are Provided a residence hall room (private room as space allows). $5,706 - 6,860/Year
Roommate Pay Resident Assistants who are in double-occupancy rooms may be assigned a roommate and will receive an expanded housing adjustment. $5.50/Day
Meal Plan Resident Assistants receive a 19-meals/week meal plan. The meal plan is valid when the dining centers are open. RAs who are on-call during break periods when the dining centers are closed will receive additional compensation. $2,200/Year
BoomerMeals Resident Assistants receive $170 BoomerMeals per semester to be used at various vendors throughout campus. $340/Year
Stipend Resident Assistants receive a stipend of $200/month for the months of August - April and $100/month for May. $1.900/Year
Book and Educational Supply Voucher Resident Assistants receive a voucher to be used at the Missouri State University Bookstore for books and educational supplies. Starting at $650/Year