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Incoming Students Admitted for 2014-2015

Information booklets about the residence halls are sent to newly admitted students who are required to live on campus. Students who are not required but want to live on campus may call 800-284-7535 to request a booklet.

How to complete a contract:

2014-15 housing contracts are submitted online at My Missouri State. The link to "Complete a Contract" will appear on the Profile tab under Housing. Instructions for completing a 2014-15 online contract are found in the links to the left. Please read the 2014-15 housing booklet and instructions before you start an online application for on-campus housing. Make sure you are not using Internet Explorer 8 or Safari.

Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions for the contract.

Assignment/Move-In dates:

We will begin making housing assignments in April and once a month throughout the spring and summer until August. Assignment notices will be sent to BearPass email accounts. Students may begin moving in after 8:00 a.m. on Friday, August 15, 2014. Students assigned to Living-Learning Communities will move in a day early. Honors College students have permission to move in on August 14 if they choose to do so. Information about what to bring is available on our What To Bring list. We look forward to having the incoming class living on campus—where You'll Feel At Home!

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“It’s a big network of friends.”

Finding a major isn’t the only smooth transition Alonzo has experienced while at Missouri State; he describes his overall transition to living independently as easy. “The transition has been pretty easy because I’m really close to home,” he said. “I roomed with a guy I know from high school, too, so that was a lot easier, just knowing and trusting someone.”Alanzo Perez

He also credits the friends he’s made at college as a big part of his great transition. “My friends on campus—that’s what makes everything easier,” he said. “It’s a big network of friends. Most of the friends I have now either live on my floor or I met them through friends that I knew from back home.”

Alonzo and his friends enjoy going to the free movies in the PSU and catching up-and-coming musical artists at concerts sponsored by Student Activities Council.

“It’s a lot.”

Although he quickly adjusted to life on campus, Alonzo admits that he was surprised by the difference between his high school and college classes.

“My first semester I took a religion and a history class, which required a lot of reading. I realized that if I didn’t read, I wouldn’t pass the tests,” he said. “In high school, if you didn’t read, you would still pass the test. I think that’s what has surprised me the most—the amount of time you have to put into your studies. It’s a lot.”

Despite the extra studying, Alonzo describes his professors as caring about his success as a student: “They don’t want you to fail. They may offer extra credit for extra work or things like that, if you make the effort.”